Physiodermie Soothing (CN) 0.51 oz

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With its highly active ingredient complex, this treatment serum gently soothes irritated and sensitive skin leaving a more relaxed feeling of well-being.Regular use increases the tolerance level of sensitive skin. Recommended for sensitive, congested, irritated skin. Face Mix a maximum of 5-10 drops of the Soothing Bioarome (CN) with a Physiodermie cream, twice daily.Body Mix a maximum of 20 drops of the Soothing Bioarome (CN) directly on the troublesome area and follow with Physiodermie Body Products.
When used alone Apply a few drops of the Soothing Bioarome (CN) on the affected area and massage gently to achieve total penetration.Use in conjunction with other Physiodermie products determined by the condition of the skin. The quantity of Bioaromes used must always be less than the amount of product with which it is being mixed.Synergy of natural essential oils of Petit grain Bitter Orange, Lemon Balm, Valerian and plant extracts of Chamomile.Phospholipidic Complex.Hydrating Agent.Vitamin E derivate.