Nelly De Vuyst Lifting Complex Mask 1 oz

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The Lifting Complex Mask is recommended for sagging skin. Made with a complex of glow-boosting botanical ingredients known for their firming and lifting effects, this mask offers immediate and long-term results. Pores are tightened, the skin appears smoother, the face recovers its natural contour.For optimal results, prior to application, gently exfoliate the face with the Nelly De Vuyst® 3 Minute Gommage. Follow with the Nelly De Vuyst® Serum and/or Nelly De Vuyst® Oil for your skin type or the Lifting Complex Cream. Apply the Mask over the entire face for 10 to 15 minutes. Gently remove in one piece. Rinse with warm water. Follow with the Nelly De Vuyst® Toner and skin care products for your skin type.MAIN INGREDIENTS
Quillaja Saponaria Extract
Kigelia Africana Extract
Acmella Spilanthes Extract