Nelly De Vuyst 3 Minute Gommage for Men 1.75 oz

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The 3 Minute Gommage for Men is an exfoliating cream suitable for all skin types. It removes all traces of dead cells and impurities accumulating on the surface of the skin. Regular use helps reducing the appearance of irregularities and opened pores while improving the aspect of skin texture for a radiant and healthy complexion. Ideal for preventing ingrown hairs.Apply a layer of Nelly De Vuyst® 3 Minute Gommage over the face, the neck, the eyelids and the lips. Massage the skin with the fingertips to remove dead cells and impurities. Rinse with warm water, dry gently and spray with the appropriate Nelly De Vuyst® Toner. Follow with the Nelly De Vuyst® skin care products for your skin type. Non-comedogenic and dermatology tested. For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes.MAIN INGREDIENTS
Birch Extracts
Geranium Extracts