Maria Nila Quick Dry Heat Spray

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Maria Nila Quick Dry Heat Spray is a fast drying and lightweight spray that protects the hair against heat whilst speeding up the drying process. The formulation contains water repellent ingredients ensuring the hair dries quickly whilst protecting molecules help to combat heat damage and leaves the hair glossy and shiny.

Apply from an arm's length into damp hair before blow-drying or using a styling tool. For maximum protection apply it section by section all through the hair.

This product is perfect for both professionals and consumers. As a hair stylist you want to cut your blow dry time, and this is where the Quick Dry Heat Spray comes in as the perfect time-saving tool. Keep in mind that when a hair is heat damaged it can't be repaired and therefore, heat protection should always be a priority. Using hot tools without heat protection burns the hair shaft, which means split ends will appear not only at the ends but in the middle sections as well. Another thing to keep in mind is that the quality of the hair, the amount of product used, and the application of the product, all influence how effective the heat protection is and what temperature the hair can withstand.

-100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
-Hold 1/5
-The Quick Dry Heat Spray has a fresh floral scent of yellow rose, white musk, sweet pear and blackcurrant.