Maria Nila Invisidry Shampoo (Select Size)

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Maria Nila invisidry shampoo is a light powder spray that quickly freshens up the hair and the scalp.
The formula easily absorbs natural hair oils from the scalp and hair, which gives a newly washed look and feel to the hair. In comparison to the Maria Nila Dry Shampoo, the Invisidry gives a lighter hold and as the name reveals, it doesn't leave any trace of the product in the hair thanks to its innovative formula. Therefore, it works perfectly on both blonde and darker hair. The Invisidry has a unique fruity scent of passionfruit and apple.

Shake the bottle before application. Spray Invisidry on dry hair directly onto your roots, section by section. Finish off by brushing or massaging the product into the hair to get an evenly fresh result.

Newly washed and styled hair can sometimes be flat in the lengths due to the hair being thinner and with less products in those parts. Our head technician at Maria Nila highly recommends applying Invisidry in the lengths to create an extra layer around the hair strands, and further build volume to the hair after straightening or curling it. The spray can also be applied in the lengths to add a light “airy” feel to the hair. The Invisidry will give a matte feeling, and the light formula easily allows you to apply layer on layer without it being too overpowering.

SUNFLOWER SEED EXTRACT -The sunflower plant has always followed the sun's movement during the day and therefore exposes itself to extraordinary radiation compared to other plants. It is said that the leaves and seeds have developed an effective protection system against solar radiation. The extract has repairing qualities, protects the hair from colour loss and damage caused by UV radiation and hot styling tools. Offers strong protection against free radicals that accelerate decolourisation.
RICE STARCH -Absorbs the excessive grease and natural oils in the hair. In comparison to the more common use of potato starch in dry shampoos, the molecules in rice starch are smaller than the ones in potato starch, which allows it to penetrate deeper into the hair and makes it more invisible to the eye. This light formula also gives a lighter hold.
ABYSSINIAN OIL -Rich in fatty acids such as omega 9 and mimics the effect of silicones by forming a protective layer around each single hair. Therefore, this ingredient adds lustre to dry, lifeless hair, enhances shine and protects the hair from split ends.