Physiodermie Global Lift Program 30 Days 7X 0.17 oz/ 1X 1.01 oz

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Its strong action on the cell supporting layers helps the natural cell renewal process. This rejuvenating cure is composed of two different products working in synergy for an optimal anti-aging action. Cleanse the skin with the Deep Cleansing Milk followed by the Stabilizing Lotion.
During 30 days, day and night, apply a few drops of the Intensive Sign Corrector Serum on face and neck.
Leave to penetrate, and then apply the Chrono+Care.
For optimum results: use the Soft Face Bio-Peeling once or twice a week.
Use day and night, 1 to 3 times a year. In-between treatments, use the Chrono Repair Intensive Care • Revitalizing for face and the Chrono Repair Global Action Serum Eye Contour.In case of deep wrinkles, (nasolabial fold, crow feet, wrinkle between the eyebrows), apply a few drops of serum in the fold and massage locally in gentle circular movements.MMH/CEL3 specific revitalizing complex: Natural Biopolymers.Hydroxyproline lipoaminoacid.Hyaluronic acid.
Yeast extract rich in betaglucan.
Soya Sterols and Wild Yam root extract.
Beet and haberlea rhodopensis (also called resurrection plant).Green tea and red vine fractions rich in polyphenols and flavonoids.
Oligopeptides.Micro blue seaweed.
Biodisponible mineral complex.
GAI Complex.Complex of precious vegetal oils and butters (wheat germ, shea butter, cupuacu, lupine) + Pure Tahiti Monoï. Licorice root extract.