Physiodermie Fluid Global Action Multi Regen Body 5.07 oz

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Exceptional Anti age care specific for body. Light and delicate micro-encapsulated emulsion. Ideally hydrates, nourishes and revitalizes. Leaves the skin soft, velvety to the touch and looking smoother, firmer and younger.Apply daily on whole body, insisting on dry and fragile areas.May be used several times a day if needed.For optimum results: Bio-Gommage Body once or twice a week.CPCbG complex: balancing, revitalizing, protecting.MMH/CEL3 complex specific anti-age for body:
Microencapsulated complex of caffeine and carnitine derivative.Hydroxyproline/organic silicium complex.Yeast extract rich in betaglucan.Phosphorylcholine biopolymer.
Micro blue-green seaweed: “retinoid like” activity.Vegetal ester blend.