Physiodermie Bust Refirming 1.7 oz

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Moisturizing and firming gel for delicate skin of bust and neckline.
Its melting fresh gel texture instantly smooths the epidermis. Contains firming, revitalizing plant extracts, and a patented tensor complex specific for bust skin and neckline.Apply the Bust Firming Gel twice daily on the bust and neckline and massage gently in an upward circular motion to provide total penetration.
Use preferably after a bath or shower with Physiodermie’s Shower Milk SL (sensitive skin) or Shower Milk NB (oily skin).Ask your beautician for some simple advice to improve bust firmness.Plant extracts: Witch hazel, Cornflower, Horsetail, Hydrocotyl, Ginseng, Ginkgo, Beech, Sweet Clover.
Patented bust lifting Complex.
Hydroxyproline/Mannuronic acid complex.
Phospholipids/beta sitosterol complex.
Vitamin B5 derivative.